How to become a Cricketer in Nepal 2024 ? A step-by-step guide to becoming a Cricket player in Nepal

With more than 2.5 billion supporters, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. The history of the sport dates back roughly 300 years. Over the years, cricket has attracted billions of followers and remained relevant. People all across the world play, watch, and appreciate this unique, exciting, crushing, and entertaining game.

Popularity of Cricket in Nepal

Cricket is incredibly popular in Nepal. People from all around the country love the game. Whether in cities or rural areas, you’ll find cricket being played and watched with enthusiasm. It’s become a big part of Nepali culture. Matches are like big parties, with fans cheering on their favorite players. Everyone looks up to the cricket stars, and their success inspires others to play. Overall, cricket has brought joy and excitement to many people in Nepal. 

That’s why Nowadays Kids see themselves on Rohit Poudel, Kushal Malla, Kushal Bhurtel, and Sompal Kami’s national heroes in Cricket Kits.

Who is the cricketer? 

A cricketer is a person who participates in professional cricket. Cricket is a physically demanding and fiercely competitive professional sport. Few gifted people go on to become professionals, and even fewer of them are ranked among the best in the world. Cricket players are categorized into four main categories. wicketkeeper, bowler, batsman, and all-around player. 

What qualifications are needed to play cricket in Nepal?

The path to becoming a professional cricket player is not easy. A person needs to be a proficient cricket player in order to succeed in the sport. To pursue it as a career, one needs additional skills. The following are some prerequisites for playing cricket:

  • Professional competition demands dedicated time and effort in practice.
  • Mere knowledge of bat and ball handling isn’t enough in cricket.
  • Understanding cricket’s terminology, equipment, and rules is essential.
  • Players must identify their strengths, be they batting or bowling.
  • Focusing on strengths enhances performance while addressing weaknesses.
  • This strategic approach is crucial for success in professional cricket.

Why is it so important to decide early?

It is important for young players to make an early decision about whether or not they wish to attend a cricket academy. This is due to the fact that academies are far more competitive than the majority of neighborhood groups.

An academy is a great place to start if they wish to pursue cricket as a career. It is quite OK for them to keep playing at a local club if they aren’t sure if they want to pursue a professional career. Here, there isn’t a right or wrong answer—what matters is what works best for you.

How do I become a cricketer in Nepal?

In order to pursue a career in cricket, a person needs to have specific mindsets and goals that they need to strive for. Below is a detailed road map for pursuing a career in this field:

Enroll at a Cricket Academy

Enrolling at a cricket academy is the first step towards becoming one of the men in blue. Studying under the guidance of an experienced coach can help students gain the exposure required to succeed in this field. Spend time at a cricket academy to learn effective strategies in addition to their usual self-practice. By enrolling in a professional academy, students will also be surrounded by classmates who are competitive and will push them to improve daily.

Find The Best Coach

Ever wonder why there’s such a strong bond between coaches and cricket players? This is so that everyone may uncover their hidden charm, which was previously only visible to trained eyes, and trainers not only help them get acquainted with the activity but also push them beyond their bounds. Coaching is a common career choice for many retired cricket players, who can work at academies or independently.

Take Part in a Professional Team

One must first play for a professional team in order to pursue a career as a professional cricket player. In this case, they will have an edge if they are on a school or college cricket team. After that, they can join a team that plays in different private cricket competitions. Another goal might be to begin playing for a well-known team; to be selected by any well-known cricket team, an individual must meet the basic requirements set forth by that club.

Start Taking Part in Competitions

One is required to participate in national competitions after starting to play for a club or team. Their first step towards becoming professional cricketers is to join a fiercely competitive squad and try to make the state team. One such instance is the Ranji Trophy. A person’s chances of establishing a prosperous career in this field are higher if they can participate in such prestigious competitions and win prizes.

What Are the Steps to Playing Professional Cricket?

balanced diet and Physical fitness

A balanced diet and physical fitness are essential for professional cricket players who have succeeded in their sport because of their discipline. Because cricket games are so long, players must be in excellent physical condition to participate in this physically demanding sport. Their level of fitness must be optimal for them to stay on the ground and perform. A healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen will help them build the strength and stamina necessary for their role.

Participate in Cricket at the School or College group

As a team sport, cricket cannot be fully learned by practice alone. Also, you have to work together as a team. You will learn about team dynamics from your school/university teams, which is a crucial component of beginning a cricket career.

Your school or university can easily assist you in continuing your professional education. That is, district-level selection shall be made.

How do I become Nepal’s national cricket player?

In order to be considered for the Nepal National Team, or Nepal’s A squad, one must now advance from the district level to the state level. They will gain the necessary experience from playing for their district to qualify for the provincial teams and compete in important tournaments like the Nepal T20 League, Prime Minister Cup, Mayor Cup, Koshi T20 Championship, MM Cup, and national tournaments.

Tips for Being a Successful Cricketer:

1. Maintain Present Focus: Avoid dwelling on past performances during current games.

2. Set Incremental Goals: Aim for milestones like 30, 50, and 100 runs during matches.

3. Fulfill Assigned Roles: Complete tasks assigned for each match, whether it’s hitting sixes or supporting the team’s score.

4. Embrace Challenges: Don’t let setbacks overshadow efforts; give your all even on tough days.

5. Stay Resilient: Every new opportunity offers a fresh opportunity, regardless of previous results.

6. Cultivate Versatility: Keep opponents guessing by diversifying tactics, especially in bowling.

7. Prioritize Fielding: Invest in fielding skills, as they’re increasingly vital for team selection and success.

Skills required to become a cricketer in Nepal:

For Batsman:

1. A reliable method of batting.

2. Excellent hand-eye coordination.

3. High levels of adaptability.

4. Concentration and anticipation.

5. Core fortitude and rapid reflexes.

6. Ability to swiftly determine the length of the ball.

For Bowler:

1. Consistent and smooth run-up.

2. Ability to bowl a straight, steady line and length.

3. Variant delivery techniques.

4. Rapid reflexes and anticipation.

5. Superior hand-eye coordination.

6. Ability to spin the ball (for spin bowlers).

For Fielder/Wicketkeeper:

1. Outstanding cardiovascular fitness.

2. Excellent catching ability.

3. Concentration at an extremely high level.

4. Accuracy in tossing the ball.

5. Good upper and core body strength, balance, and weight transfer.

6. Sprinting ability and accuracy over short distances.

Nepal cricket player’s salary in 2024

Men’s and women’s domestic and international cricket teams in Nepal are funded by the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). Nepal cricket players (male and female) are paid by the CAN based on their performance, which is measured in points according to the CAN’s grading system. The salaries for men and women national cricket player in Nepal in 2024 are:

Salary in Category Wise for Men and Women:

Men’s National Cricket Team:

Men’s contracts are divided into five categories: A, B, C, D, and an Emerging category representing different provinces. Notable players like Kushal Bhurtel and Rohit Paudel feature in Grade ‘A’. 

Grade ‘A’: Rs100,000 per month

Grade ‘B’: Rs70,000 per month

Grade ‘C’: Rs55,000 per month

Grade ‘D’: Rs35,000 per month

Emerging Category: Rs25,000 per month

Women’s National Cricket Team:

Women’s contracts are also categorized into A, B, C, D, and an Emerging category, with the skipper Indu Barma among Grade ‘A’. Despite increased salaries for female players, a significant gender pay gap persists.

Grade ‘A’: Rs50,000 per month

Grade ‘B’: Rs35,000 per month

Grade ‘C’: Rs30,000 per month

Grade ‘D’: Rs25,000 per month

Emerging Category: Rs20,000 per month

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