Accra 2024: 13th African Games in Ghana – Everything you have to know about sports

In 2024, Africa may be organized to host the thirteenth African Games. The 2024 All-African Games was location in Ghana from March eight–23. A thrilling competition among competition will take region for the duration of the multi-sport occasion, reinvigorating the Olympic spirit. 

The thirteenth African Games had been at the start scheduled for August 2023, however they have been postponed to 2024 due to issues among shareholders, delays in education, and financial problems. The 13th African Games, in an effort to take vicinity in three exclusive cities around the nation, may be the second decentralised opposition in history. Cape Coast, Accra, and Kumasi are the three cities.

Beginning on March eight, Ghana will play host to the thirteenth African Games in the stunning city of Accra. Thousands of competitors will compete over the route of the 15-day opposition, which concludes on March 24, 2024.

African Games 2024 Overview:

Event: 13th African Games 2024
Host City: Accra, Ghana
Opening date: March 8, 2024
Closing Date: March 23, 2024
Organized by: African Union
Torch Lighter: Benjamin Azamati
Participating Nations: 53 (expected)
Website: Accra 2024 African Games Website

The African Union (AU) organises and oversees the African Games, which might be a forum for athletes from the continent to demonstrate their abilities to a international target market. 

The thirteenth African Games are organised in cooperation with the Association of National Olympic Committee of Africa (ANOCA) and the Associations of Africa Sports Confederations (AASC) following the signature of a Negotiation Agreement in February 2023 in Ethiopia at the Management and Organisation of the Games.

Every 4 years, 365 days in advance of the Olympics, the Games are scheduled. As formerly indicated, as a result of sure obstacles, it’s far being held in 2024.  

Since the African Games serve as an official qualifying event for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, they are a critical occasion for African athletes.  

The event honours African subculture, promotes electricity and integration, and presentations the artistic skills of the continent.  As a end result, the opposition promotes social harmony and cultural peace in Africa similarly to its athletic significance.

The 13th African Games’ logo and mascot 

The setting up committee of the 13th African Games revealed the mascot and emblem in December 2021. 

“Asɔkɔdeś,” an anthropomorphic eagle donning a Ghanaian flag, is the occasion’s mascot. The name manner “eagle,” that’s an Akan-Twi word. For the event, Frank Fifi Forson created the mascot.

The event’s brand includes seven factors, such as a racecourse, an athlete, an African map, a map of Ghana, a black star, and extra.

Location of the 2024 13th African Games

Accra Borteyman Olympic Standard Stadium, which can preserve 50,000 human beings, is the number one location for the event.

Ghana has made many venue investments to enhance the amenities at each place. They have made investments in lately constructed Olympic Stadiums and Aquatic Centres to assist competition at the very best level worldwide.

Accra Sports Stadium will host the 13th Asian Games’ establishing and remaining ceremonies. In addition, the University of Ghana Stadium, Borteyman Sports Complex, Theodosia Okoh Hockey Stadium, and Achimota Oval had been decided on because the occasion’s other venues.

The 13th African Games’ sports

There can be 23 exceptional sports activities competing on the 13th African Games, consistent with records made public by means of the event’s organisers.

Alongside rugby and arm wrestling, cricket will make its event debut. 

The multi-spot African Games occasion will feature the subsequent sports activities from the 13th African Games in 2024:

Badminton, tennis, arm-wrestling, athletics, boxing, beach volleyball, chess, cricket, football, cycling, judo, hockey, handball, rugby, karate-do, taekwondo, triathlon, table tennis, aquatics, volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting, squash.

Seven of those 23 sports—tennis, biking, triathlon, badminton, wrestling, and table tennis—will serve as Olympic qualifying activities in Paris. 

A few demonstration games could be covered in the ACCRA 2023 activities to spotlight up-and-coming expertise. The African Games’ demonstration sports encompass:

Sambo, E-sports, Mixed Martial Arts, Teqball, Scrabble, Pickleball, Speed-ball.

The thirteenth African Games are arising, and Ghana is prepared. Reports kingdom that over 4000 athletes from all over Africa are anticipated to compete. Africa will soon see action, and the pleasure of the continent’s video games will make stronger its love of sports.

Teams for the 2023 African Games start to arrive in Accra.

The greatest carrying event on the African continent, the African Games, to be able to take region in Ghana from March eight–23, 2024, is only a few days away, and competitors and spectators have all started getting ready. This esteemed event may have participation from over 54 international locations. 

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia got here in Ghana earlier of the 13th African Games, as a way to take vicinity in Accra. Given that the badminton competitions will start on Sunday, March 3, 2024, and the outlet ceremony will take location on March eight, 2024, badminton players made up the bulk of the squads for every of the taking part countries.

With a few notable statistics with regards to the African Games, the North African countries were some of the first to reach and enter the continent that allows you to gain the vital momentum in the direction of the final African Games. As the days cross in the direction of the fundamental event in Accra, Ghana, a few countries are predicted to arrive for the spotlight on Thursday.

African Games 2023: Ghanaian athletes test the UG Sports Stadium 

,Athletes from Ghana have tested the University of Ghana Sports Stadium’s pitch in anticipation of the predominant games scheduled for March eight, 2024, in Accra.

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, athletes competing in occasions consisting of the 100-, 2 hundred-, 400-, and excessive-jumping examined the stadium’s preparedness to welcome the entirety of Africa in a few days. The mondo track changed into experienced for the primary time at the Ghana Athletics Open Championship. With about five,000 athletes and game officers anticipated, the eleven,000-seat University of Ghana Sports Stadium can be sufficient to maintain carrying occasions like rugby, basketball, athletics, and soccer.

The athletic occasion for the 13th African Games has been scheduled for 29 June, with Accra and Cape Coast serving as host cities.

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